Year 13 - Summer 2022

GCE Past Paper, Examiners Reports and Revision Resources 2021/2022

Below are links to general revision sites and past paper/revision sites for all the A Level / Level 3 subjects. 

There are also links to the Advance Information provided by exams boards in 2022 due to the impact of COVID-19.  Below are links to further guidance about the Advance Information.

General Revision Sites

Revision World                    

YouTube (search for subject and exam board)


Subject Past Papers / Examiner Report Website Advance Information for Summer 2022

A Level AQA (7402)

Applied Business AQA (8610) No advance information

A Level AQA (7405)


English Literature A Level (OCR H472) English Literature
Geography A Level Edexcel (9GE01) Geography
Health & Social Care OCR Cam Tech L3 Extended Certificate  No advance information
History A Level (9HI0)


Information Technology OCR Cam Tech L3 Extended Certificate No advance information
Maths A Level (9MA0) Maths
Further Maths AS Level (8FM0) Further Maths

A Level AQA (7408)

Physics (A).  Physics (AS)

Product Design (Eduqas - DT)  A Level (A602QS) Product Design
Psychology A Level AQA (7182) Psychology
Sociology A Level AQA (7192) Sociology