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Year 11-12 Transition Tasks 2018

Transition tasks are designed to bridge the gap between GCSE and Year 12 and give you a flavour of the type of work you will be covering in your post-16 lessons. Please download the transition tasks for the subjects you are planning to study and complete them before your first Year 12 lesson in September.
Your performance in the transition tasks will enable your teachers to gain a greater understanding of your suitability for the courses you have chosen so it is very important that you complete the work to as high a standard as possible. Your performance could be used as evidence that you will cope with the level of work expected.

Creative Arts Subjects

Product Design/Design Technology          Performing Arts


Geography  Unit 1  Unit 2          History          Business          Sociology - Task  Text       

Religious Studies - Ethics  Philosophy       Psychology

Maths & ICT

Further Maths/Maths -  Task1  Letter  Task2         ICT


Biology          Chemistry1 - Course Outline and Tasks 1         Chemistry 2 - Tasks 2          Physics

English and Modern Foreign Languages

English Language - Task  Info          English Literature - Task  Booklist  Reading List          French         

PE & Health and Social Care

Health & Social Care  

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