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Work Experience

The Year 10 Work Experience Scheme is an attempt to bridge the gap between school and work.  The main aim of the scheme is to introduce students to the world of work.  This opportunity should allow them to experience a continuous spell in a working situation and to gain first hand information and experience about particular jobs.  Year 10 Work Experience takes place for all students beginning Monday 15th July and finishing on Friday 19th July 2019. 

Veryan Webview

Students have been introduced to Veryan Webview in January.  This is a website which gives information about past placements which have been used in Somerset and is a starting point for thinking about possible work.  Students are encouraged to contact employers on the database, but it is not a guarantee that they will take this year.  Students can access this website at home and have been given a card with the web address and their individual pin number. 

Employers – if you are an employer who would like to offer a work experience placement to our students, or if you just wish to find out more information, then please contact Margaret Whale from the 14-19 Partnership at