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Talent Academy- Employers Summary

The Somerset Talent Academy programme has been designed to enable young people aged 14-16 to gain an understanding of different key Somerset employment sectors through a series of visits and workshops with a wide range of employers, both local and regional.  A series of four visits per year, a one afternoon visit per half term (autumn and spring term), is undertaken by students from local schools who for that time become Talent Academy students, to a different employer for each session, with the aim of building up an understanding of career routes, job options and he types of practical work involved within various industry sectors.

Structure of Visits:
So that there is some common structure to the sessions, employers will be encouraged to deliver to a set format for the initial part of the afternoon and then provide a bespoke activity for the latter stages.  The Three -Four hour Programme could include:

  • Welcome from a Senior Manager of the Company including some contextual information about the business (10 minutes)
  • Company organisational structure (10 minutes)
  • Brief tour of the company premises (or a part of the company) (20 minutes)
  • ‘Why and How I got to work for the Company’ from a recently qualified young employee/apprentice/graduate (20 minutes)
  • Hands on group Activity (suggested 2 plus hours) – employers may be asked to concentrate on a certain theme, to help link each visit together into an overall coordinated structure.  The practical activity is the most important part of the workshop and we have found with the other Academies that the more hands-on the activity the better buy in from the students.
  • Discussion with activity organiser to reflect on lessons learnt (15 minutes)
  • Routes into this profession and company and what kind of employee this company is looking for(10 minutes)
  • Reflection time for students to fill in a learning Questionnaire (5 minutes)

Employers will be asked to undertake the following, to ensure the smooth operation of the Academy workshop:

Nominate a Lead who will liaise with the Partnership for the preparation and delivery of the Employer Visit workshop – this should be a member of staff who will be responsible for:

  • Communicating with the Academy organiser regarding date and time of visits and finalisation of overall content.
  • Meeting the students on arrival and reporting any issues back to named contacts at the Partnership/School
  • Organising the overall programme for the duration of the visit, including meeting with key staff and a tour of the site, if appropriate
  • Organising the delivery of the hands on activity
  • Making sure students depart on the pre-organised transport at the agreed time
  • Making sure that students remain safe whilst on site and in the activities undertaken, completing a simple H&S risk assessment if required.
  • Liaising with the Partnership regarding evaluation of the workshop and the overall programme and suggesting areas for future development.

For more details please contact Julie Young at  JAYoung@somerset gov.uk