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Revision Guides

Revision Guides for most subjects can be purchased from the school finance office or via Squid Payments.

General Revision Websites

Below are a list of useful websites for revision.  Subject teachers may also provide links to other sites.

BBC Bitesize

Revision World



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Results - Summer 2021

Wadham School Centre Policy for Teacher Assessed Grades - click here

Ofqual Student Guide to Awarding - Summer 2021 - Click here

JCQ Guidance for Students and Parents (includes details about how students will be assessed and the appeals process after final grades on released in August 2021) - click here

Teacher Assessed Grades (TAGs) 2021

Letters Sent Home to Parents About Teacher Assessed Grades
March 2021 - click here.      April 2021 - click here.       May 2021 - click here
June 2021 - click here           July 2021 - click here

Please direct these to exams@wadhamschool.co.uk and we will seek to answer them as soon as possible.  Most of the answers can be found in the JCQ document - click here

If you would like to submit a Stage 1 appeal (read the JCQ document(s) below and if possible talk to Mr White (Year 11) or Mrs Brown (Year 13) on results day) please complete the JCQ Appeals Form below and email it to exams@wadhamschool.co.uk 

Student Guide to Appeals (Full Document / Handout)        JCQ Appeals Form (pdf / Word).  

You will be aware that any student who is unhappy with their teacher assessment grade, will be able to take exams in October for A level and November for GCSE, to see if they can improve on these. Any student who wishes to take advantage of this must contact us at exams@wadhamschool.co.uk. 

Deadline for Entries

29th September 2021 - GCSE.             3rd September 2021 - A Level