Year 13 - Summer 2024

GCE / Level 3 Past Paper, Examiners Reports and Revision Resources 2023/2024

Below are links to general revision sites and past paper/revision sites for all the A Level / Level 3 subjects. 

General Revision Sites

Revision World                    

YouTube (search for subject and exam board)


Subject Past Papers / Examiner Report Website Revision Sources
Art & Design AQA (7202 / 7206)  

AQA (7402)

Applied Business AQA (8610)  

OCR A (H432)

Digital Media OCR Cam Tech L3 Extended Certificate  
English Literature AQA (English Literature A - 7712)  
Geography OCR (H481)  
History Edexcel (9HI0)  
Maths Edexcel (9MA0) Maths Genie
Physics and Maths Tutor
Dr Frost Maths
Physical Education OCR (H555)  

AQA (7408)

Psychology AQA (7182) Simply Psychology
Sociology AQA (7192)