School Uniform

Uniform and Appearance of Students

Wadham School constantly seeks to provide the best value for parents and guardians in all areas of school life. School uniform is no exception. We aim to ensure that no young person is ever deterred from applying to become a student at Wadham School on the grounds of the cost of the uniform. We would also strive to help the family of any student who may have financial difficulties. All non-badged items of school uniform can be bought at a variety of retail outlets at a range of prices. The school also stocks some of these items, but parents and guardians may purchase them from any source. Badged items such as sweatshirts, polo shirts and PE shirts can be purchased from the school. We believe that by buying these items in bulk we are offering families the best value. We regularly review the prices of these items. We also believe that the provision of this service encourages families to feel part of the school community.

All items of uniform can be purchased from the school finance office or online via iPay Payments.  If you would like to order uniform via iPay Payments please email Wadham Uniform Shop

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School Uniform Requirements

Polo Shirt with the Wadham Logo

These are red.  Only polo shirts with the school logo on them are acceptable.  No t-shirt is to be worn visibly under the polo shirt.

School Sweatshirt or V-neck Jumper with Wadham Logo

These are black. The sweatshirt is available with either a crew neck or a v-neck and a v-neck jumper is available for girls if preferred. Only sweatshirts and jumpers with the school logo on them are acceptable.

Please note that all of the above items are available for purchase or order from the school uniform shop. 

Plain, Black, Straight-Legged Trousers with a Waistband

They must be smart in appearance and without slits or any form of ornamentation.  In addition, the hem of the trousers should not drag on the ground, nor should the waist be worn so low as to cause this to happen.  They must be long enough to cover the ankle.  “Combat” or “skinny” or “jeans” styles is not acceptable.  Denim canvas trousers are not allowed.  Any trousers made from stretch materials (e.g. elastic or lycra) or having the appearance of leggings or jeggings are not allowed.


These must be worn with trousers.  These must be black and long enough to cover the ankle.  Trainer type socks are not acceptable.

Plain, Black Skirt of Sensible Length (the shortest length acceptable is just above the knee)

Denim or canvas skirts or any skirt made from an elastic/lycra type material are not allowed. Fashion skirts with zips at the back are not suitable.

Plain Black Belt - broad or narrow fashion belts are not acceptable

Shoes must be black and of a sensible, flat style

Heels should not be more than two inches (5cm).  Open-toed shoes, mules and sling back styles are not allowed. No trainers, canvas shoes or boots above the ankle can be worn.

Outer garments

In poor weather, it is expected that students will want to wear a jacket or coat as an outer garment when outside.  Please note that these should not be denim.

Summer Term Only  -  Shorts

After the Easter Holiday, during the Summer Term only, students may choose to wear on any day, tailored shorts, instead of full-length trousers or skirts.  For clarity, these shorts must be:

  • Black with no other markings or symbols
  • Of the same material and style as the permitted full-length trousers.  Sport shorts or similar do not meet this requirement.  Cutting down the ordinary trousers is acceptable, as long as the hem is neatly finished.
  • Their length should be no longer than the knee and no more than 10cm above the knee

Please also see the sections on General Appearance and PE Kit Requirements

PE Kit Requirements

Girls & Boys

PE Polo Shirt
Rugby Shirt
Black long football socks
White short sports socks
Shin pads
Mouth guard
Football boots (no plastic screw-in studs)
Training shoes (non-black soled/non-marking)

Girls only

Black Skort or Shorts * 
Long-sleeved PE top - black/red with the Wadham logo *

Boys Only
Black shorts *

* These items may be purchased from the school uniform shop. 

See also information on School Uniform Requirements and General Appearance

General Appearance


This should be worn discretely and kept to a minimum.


Students may wear one small stud or small sleeper in each earlobe. No other visible body piercing is allowed for any student in the school. All jewellery must be removed for PE lessons for reasons of health and safety. Items of incorrect jewellery will be confiscated. One simple necklace chain is allowed. Hoops, dangly earrings, bracelets, wristbands and rings are not allowed.


False nails, long nails and nail varnish are not allowed.  Nails should be trimmed so as not to cause injury during PE or around the school.


These must not be exaggerated or extreme and all styles and colours should be those found in natural human hair. In no circumstances should hair be shaved to a grade less than ‘1’. Where a style involves different lengths, it should be ‘blended’ or graduated in’. Hair must be tied back neatly, with a plain band when students are involved in practical lessons and in PE activities.‚Äč

See information about School Uniform Requirements and PE Kit Requirements