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Uniform and Appearance of Students

Wadham School constantly seeks to provide the best value for parents and guardians in all areas of school life. School uniform is no exception. We aim to ensure that no young person is ever deterred from applying to become a student at Wadham School on the grounds of the cost of the uniform. We would also strive to help the family of any student who may have financial difficulties. All non-badged items of school uniform can be bought at a variety of retail outlets at a range of prices. The school also stocks some of these items, but parents and guardians may purchase them from any source. Badged items such as sweatshirts, polo shirts and PE shirts can be purchased from the school. We believe that by buying these items in bulk we are offering families the best value. We regularly review the prices of these items. We also believe that the provision of this service encourages families to feel part of the school community.

All items of uniform can be purchased from the school finance office or online via iPay Payments.  If you would like to order uniform via iPay Payments please email Wadham Uniform Shop

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School Uniform Requirements

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Red Polo Shirt with the Wadham Logo