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PE Kit & Expectations

Please see the information below regarding the PE Kit, key expectations and Protective Equipment

Essential PE Kit

Students are expected to wear full PE kit for all PE lessons. The PE kit consists of:

  • Wadham PE polo shirt
  • Plain black shorts or plain black skort, or plain black sports leggings
  • Wadham sports socks or plain, long black sports socks
  • Sports trainers (not fashion trainers)
  • Studded boots for certain sports (rugby, football, hockey)

Except for footwear, all items above can be purchased from the school and the easiest way to order them is via your online Ipay account.  However, the socks, shorts and skort, could be purchased elsewhere, as long as they meet the criteria above (i.e. plain black).

If you are experiencing financial hardship with purchasing kit, please contact the school office, as help may be available.

Optional PE Kit

There are also optional items which can be purchased via Ipay and worn including:

  • Wadham rugby jersey
  • Wadham quarter zip, long sleeve training top

Whilst the items are considered optional, we encourage as many students as possible to purchase them to keep warm in the colder months. Alternatively, students could choose, for example, to wear a vest or plain black ‘skins’ underneath their polo top to keep warm.

Please note the following:

  • There is no option to wear the school jumper during PE lessons
  • Students who intend to represent the school at rugby will require a rugby top
  • There is a risk a polo shirt could get ripped playing rugby, this is very unlikely with a rugby jersey

Cold Weather

When the weather is cold, students can wear hats, gloves and plain black joggers at the discretion of their PE teacher.

PE Expectations

  • Students with long hair will need to bring a hair band and tie it up for every lesson
  • All jewellery (including watches etc) will need to be removed for PE lessons
  • False or long nails are not permitted as part of the wider uniform policy and therefore are not allowed in PE
  • Students who do not have PE kit will be expected to borrow spare PE kit from the department
  • If a student is ill or injured they must have a note from their parent or carer. Students should still bring their PE kit to the lesson and their PE teacher will decide if it is safe and appropriate to get changed. Where appropriate, these students will still take part in their PE lesson, for example by coaching, leading or officiating

Personal Protective Equipment

To keep students safe, it is strongly recommended that students purchase and wear the following when participating in the following sports in lessons:

  • Hockey (shin pads and gum shield)
  • Rugby (gum shield)
  • Football (shin pads)

These PPE items are compulsory for students who choose to represent the school and play competitive fixtures.