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Key Stage 4 Options 2024

The Options Evening takes place on Thursday 28th March 2024 from 5 to 6.30pm.  There will be a short talk at the start of the evening in the Main Hall.  Below is a link to a letter sent to all parents/carers about the Options process.

Below is a link to the Key Stage 4 Options Booklet for September 2024 given to students.

Students make option choices online by going to https://www.sims-options.co.uk

This link is live from Thursday 28th March 2024.  Students and parents/carers will be sent a registration code on Thursday 28th March 2024 to set up an account.  Below are instructions for students, parents, and carers to help them set up their accounts and make option choices online.  If you need further technical help, please contact Mr A Jackson (amjackson@wadhamschool.co.uk).  Any queries about option choices should be discussed with subject teachers or their Head of Year.  

Deadline for Replies - Wednesday 17th April 2024