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Wadham School Governors 2023/24

The list of the governors at Wadham School (as of August 2023) is below. 

We have three sub-committees in addition to Full Governors

  • Finance and Resources,
  • Ethos and School Culture
  • Curriculum and Outcomes. 

Each receive reports from the Headteacher concerning relevant school matters and discusses various topics relating to the efficient running of the School.

There is also a Finance Strategy Group that reports to the FGB about financial matters. ‚Äč

Minutes are not published to the website but can be requested by emailing the Clerk to the governors via office@wadhamschool.co.uk

Wadham School Governors 23/24

Governors Name Position / Committee Chair / Link Subject Start Date End Date
Mr C Chapman Chair of Governors.  Careers & PSHE 06/02/2020 05/02/2028
Mr S R Shepherd Creative Arts 23/05/2019 22/05/2023
Mr A M Jackson    18/11/2021 17/11/2025
(Mrs S Hutter)   (03/12/2021) (06/07/2023)
Dr M G Tutcher Chair of Finance & Resources Committee, Training Governor.  Physical Education 15/02/2022 14/02/2026
Mrs T Woods   21/07/2023 20/07/2027
Elected Parents      
Mrs L Frackiewicz Vice-Chair of Governors, Health & Safety Governor.  Science 04/02/2021 03/02/2025
(Mr J Dyer)   04/02/2021 22/01/2024
Mrs K Hayler Modern Foreign Languages 01/12/2022 30/11/2026
Miss A Burridge   01/02/2024 31/01/2028
Local Authority      
Mr B Jenner-Hurford Maths and Computing 02/02/2023 01/02/2026
Elected Staff      
(Mr H Isack)   (12/02/2020) (29/09/2023)
Ms C Vickery   17/11/2023 16/11/2027
Ex Officio      
(Rev J R Morris)   (18/02/2018) (18/11/2021)
Mrs S Wright Chair of Ethos & Culture Committee, Safeguarding Governor.  English and Languages 03/06/2023 02/06/2027
(Mr M Gardner)   (01/09/2018)


Mr R Burgas   01/09/2022  
Mrs L Andrews Clerk 23/06/2022