On this page, you will find helpful information about the upcoming exams and material that will support you as you begin to think about revision. 

Important Dates for Year 11/13 - 2023/24

Year 11 GCSE / L1/2 Exam Timetable - Summer 2024

Year 13 A-Level / L3 Exam Timetable - Summer 2024

GCSE Summer Exams 2024 start on the 9th May 2024 and continue until near the end of June 2024.  The exact end date depends on the subjects your son/daughter is taking. 

The 13th and 26th June 2024 are Contingency Days and are on the exam timetable in the event of national or significant local disruption to examinations in the United Kingdom.  Students need to be available for both days, so parents should not book holidays until after 26th June 2024.

A Level / L3 Results Day 2024 - Thursday 15th August 2024
GCSE / L1/2 Results Day 2024 - Thursday 22nd August 2024 

If you have any queries to do with exams e.g. results or entries, please email Exams Office

Examinations - 2023/2024 - General Information/Exam Board Websites

Equipment Required for ALL Exams

The links below are to past papers and resources.

GCSE / L1/2 Past Paper, Revision Information for Summer 2024 - Year 11 ONLY

A Level / Level 3 Past Paper, Revision Information for Summer 2024 - Year 13 ONLY

JCQ Exam Regulations 2023 - 24

Information for candidates - Preparing to Sit Examinations - click here

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General Revision Websites

Below is a list of useful websites for revision.  Subject teachers may also provide links to other sites.

BBC Bitesize

Seneca Learning

Revision World


Exams Help

Revision Guides

Revision Guides for most subjects can be purchased from the school finance office or via iPay Payments