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The Key Stage 4 Curriculum (Year 10-11)

(A separate handbook is issued to students in Year 9 which covers this in details - see link on right for current version)

​​In order to ensure that all students enjoy breadth and balance in their curriculum it is a requirement that individual  student programmes include certain elements.   This is for two reasons: firstly, it is important that everyone acquires as broad a knowledge and as comprehensive a set of skills as possible so they may be well-equipped to be full participants in the adult world; and secondly, to keep options as open as possible as far as career progression is concerned.  During year 9 they will be given guidance where an element of choice exists.

 The programme in Years 10 and 11 falls into two categories:

(a) The Compulsory Common Core:

English Language, English Literature, Mathematics, Science (Biology, Chemistry, Physics), , Religion and Philosophy and (non-examined) PE, Personal, Social, Careers and Health Education.

This accounts for 15 hours a week of the taught curriculum.

(b) Guided Options:

Students choose up to 4 subjects in the other 10 hours per week.  The subject include further academic subjects plus applied subjects.

 Our aim is to provide is to provide flexible pathways through KS4 and allow easy transfer between them.  Students generally complete approximately 10 GCSE or equivalent qualifications.  A very small number (typically 4 to 6) will follow highly personalized pathways, including personal and social development programmes, typically work experience and support with the core curriculum.  Here students would usually gain qualifications 5 or 6 subjects to GCSE level or equivalent with priority being given to the basics of English and Mathematics.  Other students with specific needs around supporting English and Maths will be withdrawn from an option to receive support and others with other needs may be offered support with homework and general subject work.