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Arrangements for the Start of Term - September 2021 (Click here for End of Term Letter)

Start of Term Letter from Mr Garder - August 2021 - Click Here

COVID Testing Before the Start of Term

Many of you will know that the government have asked us to test students twice, as near as possible to the start of the school term.  These will start on Thursday 2 September, as tests have to be administered 3 to 5 days apart and we wish to minimise disruption at the start of term.  This means we can offer all testing before the start of the term.  We will be offering testing by appointment on the following dates:

Thursday 2 September           Year 10 and Year 11 (Test 1).                 Friday 3 September                Year 9 and 6th Form (Test 1)
Monday 6 September             Year 10 and Year 11 (Test 2).                 Tuesday 7 September             Year 9 and 6th Form (Test 2)

COVID Testing Booking Site - https://wadham.schoolcloud.co.uk/          Instructions for Making Bookings - click here


Please bring your child to school at their booked time, wait and then take them home again.  The students administer the test themselves, under guidance.  The Testing Centre is the Sports Centre.

Consent for testing is requested from parents for students joining us in September (mainly new Year 9s), as we have not previously had this.  This will require you to download an app (Edulink One) to your phone or tablet and register with that or use a weblink to EduLink - https://www.edulinkone.com/#!/login?code=wadham.  You will be sent details to register.  Once into your account go to the 'Forms' section and complete it there.  If you have more than one child joining us in September you will see their names in the top right-hand corner.  Click each in turn and complete the consent in the 'Forms' section.

Alternative you can download the consent form below, complete it and bring it on the date of the first test.

Full details about how we use Edulink are on the 'Edulink' page of our website - click here.

Consent from parents who already have a child here will be assumed (as we have previously received it) but if you wish to withdraw consent, please email office@wadhamschool.co.uk. 

A consent form in Word and PDF format can be downloaded using this link -     Consent Form - (Word / PDF)

If you have previously refused consent and now wish to give it download the consent form using the links above.  Completed consent forms can be presented on the day of your child’s first appointment.

Start of Term Dates

Wednesday 8th September 2021 at 8.30 am - Year 9 and Sixth Form ONLY

Thursday 9th September 2021 at 8.30 am - ALL Students


Below are copies of the letters, guidance and policy we have emailed out recently.

Letter - July 2021           Letter - June 2021              Guidance Document.         Help Sheet              Uniform Policy