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​​Admissions to Wadham School

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Click here for Admission Arrangements for September 2021 and the Virtual Open Evening

Throughout Somerset, there is a policy of "local schools for local children". Each school is surrounded by a catchment area from which its students come. Wadham serves the catchment area of our two partner middle schools, Swanmead Community School in Ilminster and Maiden Beech Academy in Crewkerne. Parents seeking a place for their son or daughter may, however, apply to Wadham even if they do not live in the catchment area.
Parents will be given their first choice preference of school wherever possible. Where demand exceeds available places preference is given in the following order:

  • Students with a statement of Special Educational Needs that names Wadham as the preferred school
  • Students whose older brother or sister is attending the school
  • Students who live closest to the school

It is not expected that any parents who have expressed a preference will be refused admission to Wadham for their son or daughter in September 2021.

We welcome enquiries from parents of students who require secondary school education and are considering a transfer to Wadham School. Parents who express an interest are invited to contact the school to arrange a tour. The Admission Limits for each of our current year groups as of 1st September 2021 are as follows:

Year GroupAdmission LimitCurrently On RollOver Subscription Criteria
9160 *159

The school will exceed the PAN for children without a school place, who are looked after or are living or moving into our catchment area.

* Subject to approval by the school's adjudicator 


The admission limits will be reviewed in readiness for the start of each academic year.
Should the school have a space in the year group required, the application for transfer should be made to the school or Local Authority. A letter will be sent to you from the school or Local Authority offering or refusing a place within 10 working days of a completed application being received.  Click here for the In-Year Application Form and return to Wadham School

A programme is in place to ensure a positive experience for students transferring to Wadham and our arrangements are reviewed with our partner middle schools each year to achieve the best possible transition. In addition to the Open Evening in September, there are contacts throughout the year between staff at Wadham and those at our partner schools. Later in the year, there will be contact with the Director of Learning and tutors who will be responsible for the students on transfer.
Your son or daughter will have the opportunity to visit Wadham during the school day towards the end of the summer term to get a first-hand experience of the school. Parents and students will also be invited to an induction evening.

Should you wish to visit the school at any other time or need an answer to a question please telephone us so that we can help you.​

The number on roll in September 2020:
Year 9         153       Year 10       137       Year 11       153       Year 12/13      33           TOTAL         476